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Aunt Rita’s Dog…….

June 25, 2012

Today’s guest blog is from Storyteller, Margi McAllister, who will be presenting an afternoon of stories for young and old in Hebden Library on Sunday 1 July…..

Aunt Rita’s dog was named Bugle. He was the size of a small donkey and used to be a regimental mascot, but he grew too old for the Parade Ground so he retired to domestic life and did light part time work as a hearthrug, the kind that snores and twitches. If there was a touch of Grumpy Old Man about him, it was…

but that story’s too long for just now.

I could say that the shortest distance between a human being and the truth is a story.

I could say that stories embody the wisdom learned over the years.

I could say that stories teach us about ourselves and about the world, or that they remind us of our traditions, and where we’ve come from, and it helps to know where you came from. It might even give you a clue about where you’re going.

Or I could just say – nothing beats a good story. It can carry you across worlds, and might even bring you back again. It can keep you dangling on a cliff-ege with tension or swing you into the sky. It can make you laugh helplessly or bring tears to your eyes, scare you or inspire you, and give you something in your heart and in your head that can stay with you for as long as you need it.

So why do we think stories are only for children? Grown-ups get embarrassed about listening to stories, unless it’s somebody in the pub telling you about how late his train was or how the cat came in with half of next door’s goldfish in its mouth. But grown-ups need stories too. Andwhen I tell stories, it’s not just about me telling them. It’s about you listening, taking them in, and making them your own. I just serve them up. You’re welcome to taste and eat them.

And they won’t give you indigestion. Promise. But they can give you a great afternoon.

Which is more than Bugle had….

Margi x

Spinning Stories with Margi McAllister
Hebden Brigde Library Sunday 1 July
Children’s Stories: 3pm – 3.45pm
Stories for All Ages: 4pm – 5pm
Adults: £2; Children: FREE


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